16U - Holmes Player Season Fee

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16U - Holmes Player Season Fee


The Season Fee for the 16U – Holmes team for the Fall 2019 AAU season is $425 per player.

You can pay the Season Fee online with a credit card here or by cash / check. 

  • If you are paying online, a 5% processing fee is added on, bringing the total that you have to pay to $446.25

  • If you are paying by cash or check, please send an email to nespartanbasketball@gmail.com to confirm. 

This Season Fee is due by the first practice. 

This Season Fee covers all non uniform / gear related costs for the fall 2019 season including tournament entry fees, coaching fees, practice court rental fees, ect.  The Season Fee does not include the costs of a new uniform or gear.  If you need to pay for a new uniform top or a new pair of uniform shorts or a new long sleeve red warmup shirt, you can do that from our Gear page here:  nespartanbasketball.com/gear

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at nespartanbasketball@gmail.com.

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NESB Code of Conduct

All NESB players and parents must adhere to the NESB Code of Conduct for every NESB activity that they participate in.

1) All players / parents will be held responsible to arrange transportation to and from all NESB related activities and will inform their coach of any potential tardiness or absence as soon as possible.

2) All players / parents are to understand that playing time is not guaranteed and that a lot of factors going in to playing time decisions.  Any issue or concerns they have with their playing time will be discussed privately with the coaching staff or NESB Presidents AFTER a game /or practice (never during a game or practice).

3) All players are required to be on their best behavior during all NESB related activities; including but not limited to:

  • Practices / Clinics

  • Games / Scrimmages

  • Tournaments

  • Team / Program Activities

4) During all NESB related activities, players are required to show the highest level of respect to every person involved; including but not limited to:

  • Referees

  • Coaches / NESB Staff

  • Teammates / Opponents

  • Spectators

  • Facility Staff

5) Any disrespectful act towards another person during a NESB related activity may be subject to disciplinary action including benching, loss of playing time, suspension, or program expulsion without the guarantee of a refund at the program’s discretion.  Disrespectful acts include but are not limited to:

  • Swearing, bullying, making derogatory comments, or gestures

  • Hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing, or tackling

  • Receiving a technical foul or ejection during a game or scrimmage

  • Stealing or damaging any property belonging to others

6) All players are required to be medically cleared to participate in a full contact sport by a doctor in order to participate in any NESB activities.  If any medical issue arises during the season that you will immediately notify both the coach of the team and the NESB Presidents. 

7) Basketball is a full contact sport with inherent risk of injury.  NESB, any practice / game facility, or any NESB staff member are NOT to be held responsible in the event of a normal basketball injury that occurs during an NESB game or practice.

8) All property brought into any NESB game or practice by a player or parent is the sole responsibility of that player or parent.  NESB, any practice / game facility, or any NESB staff member are NOT to be held responsible for any missing or damaged property at any NESB practice or game.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact NESB Co-Presidents Ryan Douglass and Patrick Harris at nespartanbasketball@gmail.com at any time.