Spring AAU Tryout Times

Spring 2019 AAU Tryouts

NESB will be holding tryouts for all of our girls and boys basketball teams in grades 2-11 for the 2019 Spring AAU season.

There will be 2 tryout sessions, players are recommended to come to both sessions but are only required to come to 1.

Both Tryout Sessions will be held at the Charles River School in Dover, MA (6 Old Meadow Road).

Tryout Session 1 - Sunday February 24th

Tryout Session 2 - Sunday March 3rd

Here are the tryout times for each grade for both sessions:

  • 2nd Grade     Boys:  10am - 11am          Girls:  1pm-2pm

  • 3rd Grade      Boys:  10am-11am           Girls:   1pm-2pm

  • 4th Grade      Boys:  12pm-1pm             Girls:  1pm-2pm

  • 5th Grade      Boys:  10am-11am            Girls:  1pm-2pm

  • 6th Grade      Boys:  12pm-1pm             Girls:  2pm-3pm

  • 7th Grade      Boys:  12pm-1pm             Girls:  2pm-3pm

  • 8th Grade      Boys:  11am-12pm         

  • 9th Grade      Boys:  11am-12pm

  • 10th Grade     Boys:  11am-12pm

  • 11th Grade      Boys:  11am-12pm

The tryout fee is $25 per player

If your child is interested in trying out but is not able to make either session or if you have any questions about registration, please contact us at nespartanbasketball@gmail.com.

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