Fall 2019 AAU Tryouts

NESB will be holding tryouts for all of our Fall 2019 AAU basketball teams for girls and boys in grades 2-12.

There will be 2 full tryout sessions and a Makeup session , players are encouraged to come to both sessions if possible but are only required to come to 1 of the sessions.

All sessions will be at the Charles River School in Dover (6 Old Meadow Road)

  • Session 1 - Saturday August 3rd

  • Session 2 - Sunday August 11th

  • Makeup - Wednesday August 21st

Here are the specific tryout times for both Session 1 and Session 2 by grade:

  • 2nd Grade Boys:   10am – 11am

  • 3rd Grade Boys:    10am – 11am

  • 4th Grade Boys:    11am – 12pm

  • 5th Grade Boys:    12pm – 1pm

  • 6th Grade Boys:    1pm – 2pm

  • 7th Grade Boys:    1pm – 2pm

  • 8th Grade Boys:    1pm – 2pm

  • 9th Grade Boys:    12pm – 1pm  

  • 10th Grade Boys:  12pm – 1pm  

  • 11th Grade Boys:  12pm – 1pm  

  • 12th Grade Boys:  12pm – 1pm  

  • 2nd Grade Girls:    9am – 10am

  • 3rd Grade Girls:     9am – 10am

  • 4th Grade Girls:     9am – 10am

  • 5th Grade Girls:     9am – 10am

  • 6th Grade Girls:     10am – 11am

  • 7th Grade Girls:     10am – 11am

  • 8th Grade Girls:     10am – 11am

Here are the specific tryout times for the 8/21 Makeup Session by grade:

  • Girls Grades 2nd - 8th:   6pm – 7pm

  • Boys Grades 2nd - 12th:   7pm - 8pm

The tryout fee is $25 per player. 

If you are interested in trying out but can’t make it to either tryout session, please send us an email at nespartanbasketball@gmail.com to let us know.

For more information about the Fall AAU season, check out our page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

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